The 5 elements

De 5 Elementen

Feng Shui works with the Asian teaching of the 5 elements. Through these elements the energy around us is translated to explain the world around us.

The elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

They are shown in a circle as a symbol of the cyclic nature of life. One element feeds the other, thus creating a feeding energy that allows growth and flow. As an example: water feeds wood and wood feeds fire, fire feeds earth etc.

There is also a cycle in which one element controls the other. When this happens the energy is stagnated and this implies a stagnation of growth and flow. For example, water stagnates fire and the fire melts metal etc. and so, all elements have a stagnating influence that impacts the quality of the energy.

Feng Shui studies the energetic levels of space, whether a house or an office, and balances the 5-elements to let the Chi flow freely through the space and creating a feeling of wellbeing.