Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance and balance the flow of energies. Feng Shui will help you to adjust your spaces in the best possible way.

The words literally means Wind (Feng ) and Water (Shui), two elements that greatly influence life on earth and which we cannot do without. The wind brings the clouds that bring the life-giving water. The force that brings us these elements is the “Chi”, the life-giving energy.

With Feng Shui you can guide that energy in a positive way and let it flow undisturbed through your home. Feng Shui is based on the idea that our homes are a reflection of our inner worlds.

Feng Shui looks at the flow of energy in a given space or building by using the teachings of the 5-elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) and the interaction between Yin and Yang. The goal is harmonizing the space to recreate balance and thus enabling the energy “Chi” to flow freely. You will feel supported in many aspects of your life by this energy. This often has a most wondrous effect on all aspects of your life and what you attract towards yourself in terms of well-being, success and harmony.

The most important instrument for a Feng Shui analysis of the home or workspace is the floor plan. The floor plan is studied with the help of the Bagua map. This instrument allows to diagnose the energy flow in the building. Focusing on its practical application and the aesthetic taste in our Western culture, I am adapting all my Feng Shui suggestions exactly to your needs.

Your home is the place that allows you to relax and thrive in life. Making simple adjustments with the help of Feng Shui will help you to feel even better in your surroundings and be your best you.