Interior styling

Interior Styling

Interieur Styling

A house is a house is a house …… and the interior is always very personal.

It is telling a lot of who the people are living there, what they find beautiful and valuable, what stage of life they are in. Each house has its own qualities, atmosphere and opportunities and is always a reflection of the people living there.

The purpose of a styling or interior design advice is to bring all these elements together personal and to create a harmonious home representing the residents.

An interior advice by Bright Delight Feng Shui makes a connection between individual interior aspects and the needs of the residents and putting it into the right balance. While an interior advice may relate to the overall design, there are also specific parts of rooms and interior I can give some additional advice.

Styles, materials, colors, shapes and design, all is very important to create a home your really love. I work independently and combine all suppliers and products. Get new inspiration for your home based on your needs and budget. Surround yourself with things that you feel comfortable with and that support your life at this very moment, create an atmosphere that suits you and let you be the best version of you.