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Feng Shui Delight | Consultation for homely harmony

Every Feng Shui consultation is always made according to your needs and where you feel advise from an expert is required to balancing and harmonizing the flow of energy in your home or workplace. Feng Shui is a great tool to enhance any aspect of your life; from health, finances, relationships, career etc. It focuses on positioning furniture, buildings and lay out of rooms in such a way that it achieves maximum harmony between the flow of Qi of the environment and that of the user and how to make optimal use of the space. A consultation includes:

  • An indepth analysis of the energetic lay-out of the floor plan
  • Bagua and Nine Star Ki findings
  • Placement of the furniture and other items (mirrors, decorative items etc.)
  • Color advise
  • Interior and exterior design advise
  • Enhancements for your home

Your home is the place that allows you to relax and thrive in life. A consultation will help you to feel even better in your surroundings and be your best you. The length of time it takes to do a Feng Shui consultation depends on the size of the building and the issues involved.

  • Private small house/ apartment:           €450 – Consultation small
  • Private large home:                                   €750  – Consultation large
  • Office space: depending on the size of the property from €450 onwards – on request
Yes, I want a 'Consultation small'
Yes, I want a 'Consultation large'