Workshop | Feng Shui introduction ‘Home Delight’

Workshop | Feng Shui introduction 'Home Delight'

The Feng Shui introduction workshops are held regularly or can be arranged and customized for groups.

In this introduction workshop you will learn the main Feng Shui principals (5 elements, Yin and Yang, the Bagua map) to guide the energy in a positive way and let it flow undisturbed through your home. Feng Shui is based on the idea that our homes are a reflection of our inner worlds.

So your own energy and the energy of your home should be ideally aligned to fulfill your needs and to get where you want to go in life. It focuses on positioning furniture, buildings and the lay out of rooms in such a way that it achieves maximum harmony between the flow energy and the user. On the basis of your own floor plan and photos you learn to address the problem areas in your home: What does this mean for your daily life and which sector of your home would you like to improve?

Which aspects work well and how can you strengthen the weaker ones?

This workshop is a perfect way to get acquainted with the practical part of Feng Shui.

In a small group you can experience what Feng Shui can do for you and how to apply it.

The aim of the workshops is to inspire you to be able to implement enhancements immediately after the course at home.

Day & Time:      On request

Location:            ‘t Gadehuis, Kampweg 11, Doorn

Price:                   € 49 p.p.

Further data:    Following soon

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