Workshop | Intuitive painting

Workshop | Intuitive painting

Everyone is an artist!

Bright Delight intuitive painting courses are a perfect way to access your creativity by thinking out of the box. Increase your self-confidence and infuse your personal and professional life with inspiration.

You have an artist inside of you, ready to enrich your life as soon as you give her permission to emerge! The intuitive art course will help you gain confidence to pick up paints and visually express on any scale. You will discover how your colors easily lead you. Creating from the inside out.

You will also explore how our own body movement can lead us into creating our unique forms and what our hands want to express. During this process, you will get a renewed understanding of your personal style, colors and shapes. This we continue to explore and define throughout the course.

The course is excellent for beginners and advanced students. Each class lasts 3 hours.

Come and reserve your seat to let your creativity shine!

Day & Time:     Saturdays, 10.00 – 13.00 hour or on request
Location:          Simon Vestdijkhof 18, Doorn
Price:                € 49 p.p. (inclusive all materials, canvas 40x40cm, coffie/tea)

Yes, I want to participate!